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Welcome to Wendy and Luigi's photo gallery.  Click on the small photo to see it full sized and click on the return button to return to this page.

Here are some photo's of Wendy and Luigi from this past summer, and some of Luke and Grace on Christmas 2002.

    Wendy 2.jpg (71416 bytes) July 2002  Luigi2.jpg (45462 bytes)             Wendy & Luigi.jpg (59874 bytes) December 2002 Wendy.jpg (52577 bytes)


Luke at Christmas 2002 Luke 1.jpg (59797 bytes)     Luke4.jpg (52955 bytes)     Luke5.jpg (62078 bytes)     Luke 2.jpg (57941 bytes)     Luke2.jpg (36111 bytes)

Grace at Christmas 2002 Princess Grace1.jpg (55470 bytes)     Princess Grace4.jpg (51423 bytes)     Princess Grace5.jpg (28540 bytes)     Grace 2.jpg (55048 bytes)     Grace 12.jpg (48227 bytes)


More Christmas 2002 Luigi & Luke.jpg (55727 bytes)     Grace & Pop Pop.jpg (52537 bytes)     Luke & Grace.jpg (51770 bytes)

and let us not forget Max Max 1.jpg (27525 bytes)

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