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The mission of this website is to help visitors with their genealogy research by providing several hundred family trees of varying sizes, all branches of one Fizell family tree or another.  Some family trees are rooted in Scotland, a country that goes out of its way to provide excellent online resources for Scots genealogy research, available for all at  Another is  

Since my wife Helen is from Scotland and my paternal grandmother was also from Scotland (making me 25% Scots) I decided to provide some resources and links for the Scottish genealogy researcher.  Entire libraries like The National Library of Scotland are filled with information on Scotland. We will devote some space to those people and parts of Scotland where we found our roots.  For any comments, complaints or suggestions please contact me at    Thanks,  Joe Fizell

Map of Scotland from Dumbries and Galloway

In the lower southwestern corner of Scotland, just about midway on the road from Dumbries to Ayr, on the northern border of the county of Dumfriesshire is the village of Sanquhar, in the valley along the eastern banks of the Nith River.  From here come the Scots in our family tree.  A contemporary of the famous Bard Robert Burns was James Wilson, the great, great grandfather of Mary Hyslop, my grandmother who came to the USA in 1904.  More information on Sanquhar.

From the Dundee area come the Cathro family.  (under construction)