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Recent research additions:

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Book Three - John McElroy

Books by Joe Fizell Description
"The Search for a Common Man's Ancestors" is offered within the following books: A History of the Fizell Family 1675 to Present
Book One - Part I 1625 to 1978 Generations (1) to (8) - Simon to Roy Fizell

Book One (Abridged for France)

Generations (1) to (3) from 1675 to 1800

Book One - Part II 1915 to 1981

Generation (9) - Biography of Joe, Sr & Naomi

Book Two - Part I 1936 to 1953

Generation (10) - Joe, Jr & The early years

Book Two - Part II 1953 to 1956

Generation (10) - Joe, Jr & The Military years

Book Two - Part III 1956 to present

Joe Fizell, Jr (10) & Helen Cathro 1956 -(coming soon)



Book Three - John McElroy

1st Scottish Branch

Book Four - William Wilson Hyslop

2nd Scottish Branch

Book Five - Leask/Fraser

3rd Scottish Branch

Book Five - Cathro

4th Scottish Branch - coming soon

Book Six - Roberts/Pennypacker

English, Welsh and Pennsylvania Dutch Branch -coming soon


1863-1866 Margaret Ritchie

Research pages

Other Fizell Family Tree Docs & Links



St Domingue 1744-1787 -copies of Records

1930 US Census

Family Tree of 1930 Census

1910 Census of Phila. family tree 

Family Tree 1910 Census

Listings of Fizell households in  Philadelphia City Directories

Philadelphia City Directories

will of Peter Penebecker, 1710-1770

2nd Generation Pennypacker

OGalusha Pennypacker

Civil War Hero

Scots & Irish Research


Stracathro History

Stracathro Parish

Cathro Marriages/Births 1553-1854

Scotland Cathro Research

Cathro Marriages/Births 1855-1927

Scotland Cathro Research

Palatine Fischel Chart

Immigrant to Ireland

Ireland - Burials - Fizzel Surnames

Ireland Research

Ireland Baptisms

Ireland Research

Irish Marriages & Baptisms

Ireland Research

Genealogy Links


#1 Genealogy Research website

ABCs of DNA /explained


PA Historical Society

Philadelphia & Pennsylvania records


Former Footnote site

anom.archives nationales

French Caribbean Records

Old Historical Books


Arthur Mevlyn or Memoirs of the Year 1793

Historical Novel of 1793 written in 1795


Printed in 1797


Human Interest Story


Meet Archie E Lux

A remarkable Love Story



The City Directories were published from the 1700's until 1936 and contains every Fizell listed in those directories.  

The 1930 US Census files include every Fizell in the USA.  The surname spelling of the records include every Fizel, Fizell, Fizelle, Fizzel, Fizzell, and Fizzelle I can find.  I will add other Fizell Records as I compile them.

The Ireland records were provided by Robert Fizzell and Ted Thompson.  The Fischel chart by Robert Fizzell.  Thank you gentlemen.

Thanks to Bob Cathro for the Stracathro History.

The two Cathro Marriages and Birth files are compiled by myself.  Please advise of any corrections necessary! May 7, 2004

The 1910 Census of Philadelphia are for members of my immediate family tree.

(July 13, 2011) Meet Archie E. Lux - Meet a man from America's heartland. 

(January 18, 2012) Original records from St. Marc, St Domingue 1744-1787 of SIMON FIZEL as found in the great French Archives:

(March 19, 2012)  Gallusha Pennypacker, the youngest citizen ever to earn the rank of General in the US Army.

(March 7, 2012)  The will of Peter Penebecker, 1710-1770 from the Genealogy of the Pennypacker Family Tree by former Pennsylvania Gov, Samuel W Pennypacker (1903-1907).  Full documents found at the PA Historical Society or

(July 26, 2012) The Leask Family History from James Leask 1797 to George Leask Fraser 1951, includes records, maps.

(August 28, 2013) The Historical Survey of the French Colony in the Island of St. Domingo written in 1797 by BRYAN EDWARDS as found on the University of Florida Digital Collections








Appreciate your feedback on these research tools. - Joe