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Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Hi, and Welcome. went up on the web in January 2001, originally intended to provide a home and a research source for Fizell surnamed family trees. It was later on we realized each family tree branch could become another separate family tree webpage, with a different surname. 

Over the years we have been fortunate to have been discovered by thousands of people who found their surnames on our website. While most were not related to the family trees published in these pages, when contacted, we replied and tried to point them in the direction where they could find help. 

Thankfully, many others found lost family members right here and helped grow their webpage and family tree branch by providing their ancestors' data. Initially, if you were on a branch and sent us your ancestors data we would build your web page into an individual family tree with ancestors going back as far as your information allowed.

We are now 20 years plus into retirement and decided to no longer add new names or generations to the family trees published here.  We will continue to publish your family trees here on, just no longer update them.  We will leave your family pages up for your perusal but we heartily suggest you publish your own family tree on where you will have the largest audience in the world.  It is the best website, bar none, to grow your family tree. will publish your family tree for free and you can make the living persons in your tree be anonymous or not, your choice.

On the Research Page are Books and Essays written about the Fizell and other Family Genealogies.

Visit our family tree on  And Happy Hunting.

(Good housekeeping skills would insist I delete all the old text and information below but I'll leave that for whoever takes over this site down the line.- Also, just added the counter. Joe)

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New additions on Research Page:

"The Search for a Common Man's Ancestors" is a series of books written about the history of different branches of the Fizell Family tree.

A book published in London, 1797 -


Galusha Pennypacker from West Chester, PA enlisted in the Union Army at 16.  At the age of 20 he still is the youngest man ever to become a General in the United States Army.  His story is in this short history: Galusha Pennypacker

Read the will of Peter Penebecker, 1710-1770.  Peter was the son of Heinrich Pannebakker, ancestor of the Pennypacker family tree.  Note:  To see the complete Pennypacker family tree, contact me, join the Pennsylvania Historical Society or become a subscriber to 

Notice:  I will keep this site active and add new material as I find it.  Always be sure to check for new additions here or on the Research Page.  The Fizell Family tree has grown too large to handle it with the current format of this site.  Adding the newly found Pennypacker genealogy has added another couple thousand names.  However, the Fizell Family Tree (originally called the Philadelphia Branch) is now available on  Normally you need a subscription to view information on  If you contact me I will invite you to view the Fizell Family tree with all the many branches and surnames.  I believe you will not have access to other parts of but will be able to see your family if we are so related.                                                                                                                                          Thanks, Joe Fizell. 

Copies of original records from St Marc, St. Domingue with SIMON FIZEL in the documents.  Check the RESEARCH PAGE too! As found in

As we approach twelve years providing genealogy pages on the Internet, originally limited to the Fizell surname, we are pleased to count 117 pages of branch family trees with Surnames through the alphabet from A to Z.

Thankfully, over the years other Fizell individuals, not related to us, have provided their family history for us to publish on this site - Fizell family trees from Canada and Australia who have since traced their roots to Ireland and Germany.  These Fizell family trees contain 78 different surnamed family trees.  As the link below suggests, check the Site Map for your family name, click on the link and see if it is your family.

As usual, inform me of any updates on your family pages.  Thank you.   Joe Fizell.

Check the Site Map for your family name!

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  • Meet Archie E Lux, a gentleman from the heartland of America with a story and poems.  Click on his link on the Research Page (click on the Research button above)


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Note, spelling variations are not limited to the following:
Fizel, Fizell, Fizelle, Fizzell, Fitzell, Fisell, Feazel, etc.
We will publish all Fizell Family Trees submitted. 

Mission:  In addition to the family trees, this Web site's mission is to develop contacts and links to all Fizell families and their web pages, and to pass along genealogy information to the respective family tree researcher.  Also, to provide accurate, easy to access information on ALL of the families within the different Fizell family trees.  All facts will not be published.   Please review our site and take the time to give us your comments and feedback. If you find your family, contact us.  We will respond to every letter, and make every effort to place you in contact with other families with your surname. 

Please look around.  We are here that relatives near and distant may find us and add their information to what we hope will then become, their Website too!.

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The following scripture quoted on another genealogy site is appropriate for listing here!

Sirach 44:7-9

All these were honored in their generations, 
and were the pride of the times. 
Some of them have left behind a name 
so that others declare their praise.

But of others, there is no memory, 
they have perished as though they had never existed; 
they have become as though they had never been born, 
they and their children after them. 

The links page will offer e-mail addresses and links to other Fizell Web sites!

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Facts on living persons are restricted to names only.  If you are listed in any of the family trees on this website and wish to have your name removed, please advise me by email.  Do not consider it done until you have received the corrected link by return email.  Also, it is highly recommended that all persons insist that their mother's maiden name is never used as a security check with any institution or government. Thanks!


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Your email address is added to the site Address Book, sorted by the surname you ask about.  Addresses of each person researching your surname are included in my reply to you.  You will receive a copy of all future correspondence about your family name.  So, even if you are not related to a family on this website, you still have an opportunity now, and in the future, to make contact with other's who are researching your family name.  This web site has helped families find relatives they did not know existed.  

One important reminder!  If you change your email address after contacting me, please send me your new address.  Two years from now your long lost cousin may contact this site.  If your email address is changed the cousin will remain lost. Many letters are returned as undeliverable for that reason.   

This web site does not generate any income.  The site is a family affair.  (See our Privacy Policy above.)  Email addresses are not sold or distributed.  I appreciate criticism and feedback.  And one day I'll find some of my relatives who have been lost over the generations.   

Thanks, Joe Fizell   

Do you wish to make any comments or offer family facts?  Please write and tell us.