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Descendants of Simon Fizel

Simon Fizel's family tree begins on this page.  His tree branches at generation #4, and again at generations #5 and #6.

Generation 1 

1. SIMON1 FIZELL married ANN.  Simon was listed in Philadelphia in 1798, formerly of the isle of St. Domingue, a French colony.  Ann was listed as a widow in Philadelphia, PA from 1808 until 1830.

Children of SIMON FIZELL and ANN are:

  • 2. i.  LEWIS2 FIZEL

  •    ii.  EMILY2 FIZEL, born 1790 in St. Domingue.  Emilie was recorded 1793 in St. Domingue, and again in the US 1850 census. 

Generation 2 


2. LEWIS2 FIZEL (SIMON1).  Wife's name not recorded.  He was a carpenter in 1813.  Recorded in census of 1820.

Children of LEWIS FIZEL are:

  • 3. i.  THOMAS3 FIZELL

  •    ii.  ELIJAH3 FIZEL

Generation 3 


3. THOMAS3 FIZELL (LEWIS2, SIMON1) was born 1809 and died 1881.  He married FANNY PALMER.  She was born 1809 and died 1882.


  • 4. i.  THOMAS4 FIZELL, born 1830, died 1893

  •    ii.  LEWIS4 FIZELL, born 1831, died 1879

  •   iii.  FANNY4 FIZELL

  •   iv.  MARY4 FIZELL

  •    v.  ANDREW4 FIZELL, born 1838

  •   vi.  GEORGE4 FIZELL, born 1842, died 1862

  •  vii.  JACOB4 FIZELL, born 1847

  • viii.  SARAH FIZELL, born 1850

  •    ix.  CLARA FIZELL, born 1852

Generation 4 

Continue on the separate branches of Thomas, Lewis, and Andrew on their own pages.  

THOMAS4 FIZELL. Born 1830, died 1893

LEWIS4 FIZELL. Born 1831, died 1879

ANDREW4 FIZELL. Born 1838.

George Fizell died in 1862 while serving in the Union Army.  

There are presently no records for Thomas's other children!


Additional information about siblings in each generation is provided on the web site, or contact me to compare what has been researched for our relatives. 


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