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This page is to provide short cuts to the various family pages within the Philadelphia branch (Simon Fizel) family tree.  There are currently 90 family pages.  Following the family tree, starting with Simon Fizel, generation page by generation page would be less confusing.   

Philadelphia Branch

Generations Philadelphia Branch    
1st-3rd Simon Fizel    
4th Thomas Fizell (1) Lewis Fizell Andrew Fizell
5th-6th Joseph Fizell Thomas Fizell (2)  
7th Joseph F Fizell    
8th-10th Joseph F Fizell, Jr.    

Use the index below for direct links (underlined, highlighted names) to current  family pages on the Philadelphia Fizell Family Tree.   

Antolik Gale McCoy Schemm


Gehlart McElroy  Shermer


Gitto McGregor Sell
Baxter Gilpin  McIlfatrick Silcott  
Bland Goll McInnes Slater
Bowell Green McLaughlin Somer
Brouse Greer McTaggart Stanley
Cathro Gumerman Merrilees Stansfield
Clarke Gunn Millman Starr
Cleary Helmuth Mills Stubbs
Cording Hill Mitchell Sykes
Condron Horton Morris Taxis
Coyle Hume Norling Thompson
Delgrego Hyslop Parsonage Westfield
Dilger Jones Peacock Williams
Dyer Kane Pennypacker Wilson
Farmer Kerrigan Perry Wilson(2)
Simon Fizel Klisas Phillips Wilson(1)
Andrew Fizell Kosmiski Radford Woerner
Lewis Fizell Kuiti Raven Wozniak
Joseph Fizell Law  Roberts Yannuzzi
Joseph F Fizell Linderer Rogers  
Joseph F Fizell, Jr. Lyster Rosanova  
Thomas Fizell (1) Manning Rykaczewski  
Thomas Fizell (2) McBride    
Fraser McCloskey    


Are you a member of any of the above families?  Have we missed your family name?  Do you wish to make any comments or offer family facts?  Please write and tell us.