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Courtesy of Jeanne Fizell, Olathe, Kansas
Joyce Schultz, Alta Loma, California

March 15, 2007

This Canadian branch of a Fizell family tree has been researched back to Ireland and possibly to the Palatine area of Germany.

  The original ancestor's surname was Fischel, with related spellings of Fishell, Fisel, Fisell, Fissell, Fizel, Fizell, Fizelle, Fitzell, Fizzell, etc.  The final surname of this family tree is Fizell.     

Please advise of mistakes made in copying into our web pages.

Family Names on the Amos Fizell family tree


The first Fizell family tree on the Canadian Branch is Amos Fizell.  Other branches will be added when contact is made. 


Are you a Fizell family member or related to one?  Do you wish to make any comments or offer family facts?  Please write and tell us.