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I'm Joe Fizell.  My Fizell ancestors were originally from France and came to Philadelphia, PA in the 1790's via the French colony of St. Domingue or "St. Domingo" as the early English speaking Americans called it.   

I retired in 1995 and live with my wife Helen in a retirement community in Telford, PA, a small town between Philadelphia and Quakertown, PA.  Our own page is Joe and Helen. 


There are variations of spelling for the Fizell surname.  I am aware that the Fizell surname's roots are in France, in the Palatine area of Germany, and in countries of Eastern Europe.  Many Palatines emigrated through Ireland to the West Indies, Australia and America, while records of the French are found in Nova Scotia, the West Indies and America.  Your visit to this website is appreciated and comments are invited.  We will add your Fizell family tree if provided.

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